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有機梨山烏龍茶(150g/罐) Lishan Organic Oolong Tea (Wt.150g/bottle)

有機梨山烏龍茶(150g/罐) Lishan Organic Oolong Tea (Wt.150g/bottle)

NT$1,500 通常価格


★ 每罐都有專屬有機認證號碼,吃的安心、買的放心
★ 茶園位於高海拔,常年雲霧壟罩,日夜溫差大,茶湯回甘不苦澀
★ 烏龍茶茶湯色澤金黃,清澈透明,清香甘甜口感。



★100% organic and natural, high altitude real Taiwan Lishan tea
★ Tea plantation at high altitude Year-round cloud cover, large temperature difference between day and night. 
★ Oolong tea soup is golden in color, clear and transparent,  sweet and not bitter 

★ Each bottle has an exclusive organic certification number, Ease of eating, Buy at ease


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    net weight: 150g /bottle

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